Shamanic Ceremonies & Invocations


-  Despacho making
-  Transitioning 
-  Space Clearing / Consecration / Altars
-  Limpias / Chakra clearings

About the Lineage
I am a keeper of a Peruvian shamanic lineage called Pachakuti Mesa work since 2001 . This is
a tradition that has an emphasis on luscious,
 Earth-honoring ceremonies that can help  to bring balance
to Life as it negotiates through these ceremonies the often forgotten aspect of " Ayni" =
 sacred reciprocity. The lineage that I am a keeper of is a synthesis
of 2 Peruvian wisdom traditions blending the Northwestern coastal regions
with the regions of the Mountains. Taught by don Oscar Miro-Quesada,
it is called the Pachakuti Mesa tradition, Pachakuti meaning "world turning over",
signifying the understanding of these times as a turning point.
This is in conjunction with many prophesies of indigenous prophecies, including 
the Mayan calendar that fortold this time as a time of "ending".
Contrary to popular interpretations that swirled around, it did not foretell
the world ending, but a cycle of our Sun within the galactic dance.
The Sun has entered a new, 26000 year cycle called a processional cycle,
within our native Galaxy. Part of the visions of this time included the 
change/widening of consciousness to a new level. 
The Peruvian survivors of the holocaust of the conquistadores
called it the birthing of the  "homo luminoso" - the enlightened human being...
  The time frame i give is an estimate .
It's a good idea to do any  ceremony in a place of suspended moment :))
- often in itself a healing experience -
and to allow for a time/day when you can actually enter into the experience without
concern for something "needing" to be taken care of other than allowing yourself to be fully
 present with what the ceremony / the moment calls for ...
 " God has no religion "
Living a shamanic life means knowing/acknowledging that everything around us is,
like us, filled with consciousness . One can, therefore, be in relationship and
communication with IT - you can call it Great Spirit/ God etc.
To me, it seems that putting a label on IT has not done us much service ...

re :  Signs
" There were whole disciplines around what the pattern of clouds were saying to you,
what birdflight meant to you... you can think of (as) a sense of internal & external
symmetries that, if you're paying enough attention in a deep enough silence
to patterns on the outside, they ellucidate internal patterns ( of knowledge)
that are already there inside you.
And so actually what they (may) do is to allow you to understand inside what you know
already but which you haven't allowed yourself to speak into the World.
... a good deal has to do with allowing yourself the revelation.
And sometimes, this on-rush of internal revelation is accompanied by
a shiver in the body or the hair standing up or in tears or a semi-breakdown.
Because the meeting of the internal truth and the external life you create
for yourself creates a kind of home-coming and a break-down of all
this willful effort  that you've been attemting to make on the surface."
David Whyte , " What to remember when waking"

Sacred Space
a sacred space is whatever we dedicate as such ... within/without and honor
in that way .
My home is an alchemical happening ; 
meaning that it shifts & changes i.e. according to seasons .
  Basically , i feel that my space has dreamed itself up
and continues to do so . I am just the conductor.
The space is also very subliminal in all the best ways ...
In that way, it is a celebration of the diversity of life & meant as an inspiration for others :
the abundance, the love & light , the humour, the dream .
 It is invocation, offering, medicine and celebration all in one .
This reflection (on space) was written when i lived in a place that was next to a ditch 
and in a floodzone... looking back, i understand now that what happened in that space 
had everything to do with the influence of water on it. 

"Space and energy are intrinsically related :
there is no manifestation of energy without space "
Alan Watts


Making Despachos
Despacho making is a beautiful and rich ceremony that can help facilitate many things :
to give thanks / in Ayni
for transformation (  personal & planetary ) 
to set a certain intention
for Rites of Passages : births , deaths, moving ,
health/healing intentions ,
 celebrating cycles of the year,
widening /shifting awareness  etc


Death/ Dying Ceremonies
It is important for us to change how we hold the rite of passage we call death -
for many, it is still something to be dreaded rather than celebrated .
The ceremony that i offer is called the ' Death Spiral ' and it is once again ,
a beautiful, tender ceremony that helps the transitioning Spirit of a loved one to
release with greater clarity and ease ,
whether one is present with the person or it is done remotely, with a photograph.


Limpias/ Purification Ceremonies
Limpias are used to clear one's self of dense energy , whatever you wish to understand as that ...
and again, to balance the self  and to create greater permeability to ie. receive guidance.
my personal experience with limpias is that they make one feel lighter,
 more balanced and permeable .
 i like to experience/ give it as a sort of blessing of Spirit , like an embrace that says :
trust yourself . ultimately, whatever imbalance we experience has to do with some sort of
fear/judgment we may not have aligned , so some part of the limpia may be a dialogue about
shifting perception . to that extent , sometimes an Illumination process can be helpful ...
 Signs of being in need of/ benefitting from a Limpia :
feelings of emptiness, meaninglessness, separation
feeling overwhelmed, out of control
feeling anxious, disconnected, lonely
feeling victimized
feeling polluted  etc
to me, these signs are also a wake-up call from our Soul : to step things up ,  to commit
to our true selves in a clearer way , to consider our life and life in general as greater than we have so
far acknowledged . sometimes it calls us to re-connect with aspects of the magical child , the
child of nature that is within and wishes to be actualized ...
as with any walk that we do , it is a very individual journey that happens to each one when we
open to Mystery and call to it ...



  all  ceremonies/sessions offered on this page are based on donation .