Ceremony is a communication and mediation
of the human community with (what we label) the Natural World and the Unseen.
Other foundation stones that are reasons for doing ceremony are Reciprocity,
Relationship and Responsibility, all of which go together with/ grow out of Respect.
Ceremony is a way of life, not something one does only to mitigate 
disasters or as "crisis intervention". 
Bringing ourselves into right relationship is not just the relationship with the
outside world but the relationship to who we really are - Spirit embodied,
having an adventure, but ultimately part of the Infinite.
So, in these days of spreading fear ( in form of dis-ease), i'd like to  put 
out this thought : that especially in times of increased speeding ( aka fear),
it is vital that those who wish and are able to bring themselves into 
right relationship emphasize the inner light/love, rather than being swept away
by the vibration of fear. How this is done depends on the individual.
For me, it lies in focusing on Beauty and Balance and to contemplate what
my inner Being regards as such... 
I had a dream , last night, that emphasized the artful weaving that a ceremony,
or better: the process of doing/being part of ceremony, is.
It is the same as other creative processes, although the view is often wider,
meaning, it starts with the Land, with the Earth, with the cycles of Nature...
There is a listening to that happens, a listening to what wants to be acknowledged,
honored, dance with us in ceremony. Then, ( in the dream) , there was the
preparation as part of the ceremony - making sure one has the right ingredients
and asking for them to come to us. Then there was the ceremony itself,
the invocation and enactment of a beautiful Happening, alone or with
others, allowing it it's own time/timing and meaningful ending... 
The (Pachakuti) Mesa is a synthesis of 2 lineages
  that have been used for thousands of years
to weave and conduct sacred ceremony. It is a non-denominational,
cross-cultural wisdom teaching that lends itself to conduct enlightening
and transformational ceremony, bringing clarity and intention to
the desire to connect to our inherent knowing of Oneness.


Gratitude to the Tirakunas, Auqis, Malquis, Machula Aulanchis
and the Apukunas 
( Spirit of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and the Mountains) for 
their beautiful gifts and teachings...
may we be awake to them as they are awake to us.
may we be able to see ourselves in their mirror and embrace
what we are so fearful of within us for the greater good
of the whole.


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