Thank you to the gracious participants of the despacho ceremony 
for Pachamama/ Mother Earth in gratitude for all her blessings...
and thanks to those who donated offerings of their labors
( the cheese and flowers !) to 
contribute to the deepening of connection to this particular corner of
land within Her !
The despacho was fed to Pachamama around the rock formation known as
"Needle Rock" , which i like to refer to as Angel Heart Rock...
It is a deeply healing presence that this rock formation has and comes across
to me as a guardian figure in this region. So i also like to hold it
as "Guardian of the Western Gate " in my awareness.


Thanks to the Apukunas - Grandmother Mesa, Apu Veiled One, 
Apu No Name ( aka Temple of Light) and 
the Apus ( Mountains) of the Southern region of the valley ... 
The Grandmother Mesa Apacheta was begun, amidst many very thirsty 
and enthusiastic mosquitos... and awaits further building.
If you happen to be in the area and wish to know the location, 
feel free to contact me.

* * * 

In these times of public service being a rather ragged scarecrow intended
to ward people off (fear being such a great tool for crowd- management),
i'd like to mention that those of us who feel called to do service to 
Mother Earth either being part of a wisdom tradition or 
just having the heart in the right place,
do this as a self-elected work of love and ( if one sticks with it),
greater knowing... more on that a little further down on this page.
If we expect acknowledgment from others or to be somehow put
on a pedestal, this self-election is not happening from a very clear place.
It is much more often the case that we do these things without getting
any recognition or even much understanding from the general public,
as it is referred to... Nevertheless, the more we can do it, either
by ourselves or in a group of like-minded people, no matter how 
short-lived or from whatever varied traditions, the Whole benefits,
encompassing the World Soul and reaching up into the Heart of 
Deep Space ...

It was brought to my attention in this season that this area - the Northfork valley - 
was sacred to the Ute Indians, as the white spot on the Lamborn  Mountain 
(renamed by me as " The Veiled One" in reference to the feminine energies 
emanating from the Apu (= Mountain) in conjunction with Land's End's masculine emanation,
renamed " Temple of Light" or Apu No Name by me ) , the white spot being seen by the
Ute Indians as the White Buffalo Calf. So, they came here to give birth and to celebrate birthing,
as i was told. I'm sure it went much further and I'm grateful to have received
some information about the ancestral connection to this place...
If anyone knows the indigenous names of the Mountains, i'd appreciate letting
me know.

As part of the transmissions for the Blessing of the Water ceremony,
here some comments on indigenous consciousness. 
I refer to indigenous consciousness as a sort of ideal place,
holding the ancient understanding of ourselves as part of the Sacred Web 
of Life, being with it/in it from a place of "Mystical Participation". 
In that way, we are all indigenous to this Earth and have the choice to 
participate in that way.( Many of the Wisdom teachings that are coming
to us today were kept secret so as to wait for the right time = for the 
lineage keepers to escape persecution. The wisdom teachings of the Quero
peoples of the Andes are an example of that. 
I am grateful for their foresight)
One of the foundation stones of indigenous consciousness is Respect, 
meaning that we approach whatever is around us/ here with us from a place of knowing
that it is intelligent, responsive, animated, equal. 
When we respect something/someone,
we wait for it to reveal itself to us. We see it as more than food/ resource/
something to be exploited or used. We understand it as a teaching, a 
communication ( from Spirit), a challenge to our awakening, to name a few.
The "Western" mind-set ( really the patriarchal mind-set) comes from a 
place of fear, therefore it tries to label, conquer and divide so as to have the
illusion of control.
 Nowadays, it appears to me, we all are challenged by
 the fear-based mind within and have to un-do it painstakingly. 
I had to laugh when recently i overheard a radio show in which a scientist
claimed to have originated the idea that consciousness was first, not last
in the process of Creation. 
It's been around for a while, that insight, as a Knowing.
I just mention it here because it demonstrates how narrow we can become 
when our reference points are feed-back loops (as academia often is ...)
For example, the indigenous mind would never dream of slapping it's own family
name ( if it has one) onto a Mountain. 
It waits to have the Mountain reveal their name, if that.
 Ceremony, in that understanding, is a communication and mediation
of the human community with the natural world and the Unseen.
Other foundation stones that are reasons for doing ceremony are Reciprocity,
Relationship and Responsibility, all of which go together with/ grow out of Respect.
Ceremony therefore is a way of life, not something one does only to mitigate 
disasters or as "crisis intervention". If something like water scarcity happens,
especially when water otherwise is abundant around us ( for the moment),
it is therefore regarded as a wake-up call to come into right relationship.
Meaning that one reflects on the symbolic meaning of "no water" for the
community... As water is a symbol for abundance, flow, the heart, feelings,
one may want to reflect on where one puts ones energy : 
Is the emphasis on lack in one's life ? on fear, exclusion, guarding territory,
cliquishness etc ?
Ceremony in that way becomes a way to remember the big picture, to become
less pre-occupied with our over-identification with only the human aspect/
preoccupation of life.
Bringing ourselves into right relationship is not just the relationship with the
outside world but the relationship to who we really are - Spirit embodied,
having an adventure, but ultimately part of the Infinite.
The (Pachakuti) Mesa is a synthesis of 2 lineages
  that have been used for thousands of years
to weave and conduct sacred ceremony. It is a non-denominational,
cross-cultural wisdom teaching that lends itself to conduct enlightening
and transformational ceremony, bringing clarity and intention to
the desire to connect to our inherent knowing of Oneness.


Gratitude to the Tirakunas, Auqis, Malquis, Machula Aulanchis
and the Apukunas 
( Spirit of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and the Mountains) for 
their beautiful gifts and teachings...
may we be awake to them as they are awake to us.
may we be able to see ourselves in their mirror and embrace
what we are so fearful of within us for the greater good
of the whole.


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