Next ceremony is on 2/1/19 for the Feast of Light, 
meeting again at 6 pm .
Traditionally a Celtic sacred feast, Imbolc or Oimelc is, like Beltane, Lammas
and Samhain, at the midpoint of the (Winter) Solstice and (Spring) Equinox.
Oimelc refers to the first Ewe's milk and the beginning of new growth on trees.
It is dedicated to the feminine Mysteries, as the beginning of life emerges from
the dark Dreaming of the Goddess... 
Nowadays it is a cross-cultural sacred day ( for those who wish to bring themselves
into alignment with the cycles of Nature and Earth's Dreaming/ creative Emergence).
Whether male or female, this sacred midpoint within the cycle is a way to 
honor the Divine Feminine Mysteries as life-giving/emerging qualities in our 
own dreaming as children of the Earth capable of bringing ourselves into 
harmony with the Greater Whole of Earth's dreaming .

Please bring : a white candle in a safe container !

To RSVP and for directions, call or text Maya @ 303 413 8703

Thank you to the New Moon priestesses coming to 
place seeds for our collective healing and calling 
ourselves to ourselves with partaking in the first
New Moon ceremony of the new cycle around
the Pachakuti Mesa... what an honor and also,
powerful seeding

Gratitude to the Apus (Mountains) for channeling the 
energies from the Above to the Below .

" When things are understood correctly , everything in life becomes a ritual "
Pema Choedron

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