The next scheduled ceremony is for the Spring equinox .
Please stay tuned for more details.
As a suggestion for preparing yourself, take some time to allow the
Light of the Sun to illuminate your being... allow it to inform your tissue
and to awaken the intelligence of each cell.
Additionally, spend some time outside on the night of the New Moon,
March 6 and the night before and after, if possible. 
Or let yourself take in the energy of the night at any time to 
awaken your being to the difference between night and day.

The (Pachakuti) Mesa is a tool that has been used for thousands of years
to weave and conduct sacred ceremony. It is a non-denominational,
cross-cultural wisdom teaching that lends itself to conduct enlightening
and transformational ceremony, bringing clarity and intention to
the desire to connect to our inherent knowing of Oneness.


Dream group - meeting every 1st Wednesday at 
6 - 8  pm. Please call /text for info and to RSVP
303 413 8703
$ 10 for each session

Gratitude to the Apus (Mountains) and the Spirit of the Land

" When things are understood correctly , everything in life becomes a ritual "
Pema Choedron

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