Solstice ceremony:  Befriending the Dark, blessing the Light
 is scheduled for Wednesday, December 19th, starting at 6pm
Please bring a white, unlit candle in a container that you can carry safely while 
lit and that will not spill !
Also, make sure to have a warm coat/blanket and socks or houseshoes as 
we will be under ground for a certain amount of time ...
Otherwise, bring a generous heart that can allow for at least a 2 hour ceremony
and a belly that is well-fed. For directions, you will have to call me at 
303 413 8703. Minimum donation $ 10

Dream group :

1st Monday of every month from 6 to 8 pm. Please call for directions.
This group will focus not only on night-time dreams but also on the dreams we
co-create during the day. Please bring your dream journal ( from dreams at night)
as well as journal for day-time co-creations/dreams ... they require different ways of looking at/ 
working with them.
Depending on how many people show up and what kind of dreaming we 
work with, we will be able to process 3-4 different dreams within a 2 hr. frame.
You will benefit from the work & participation in any case :)
Fee for each meeting : $ 10
Thank you to those who came to be part of the despacho ceremony for Mother Earth - 
it was a luscious , beautiful ceremony that "put itself" together...
this offering was buried close to the beautiful Apus ( Mountains ) that 
are the Guardians of this area - Lamborn and Land's End 
( i hope to find out the indegenous names for them ) that so 
wonderfully teach us about female/male balancing with their presence...

" When things are understood correctly , everything in life becomes a ritual "
Pema Choedron

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