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Training Credentials

 Since 2001 , i have been involved  in studying/experiencing/practicing earthhonoring ceremony, most of it originating in the traditions of Peruvian curanderismo , more specifically, the Pachakuti Mesa tradition. It has been a great adventure to experience the transformation through the 
work  and i can say that after 17 years of being involved in one way or another with this work , the garden is truly never finished ... : ))

Training for the cranio-sacral work  i received from the Polarity Institute in Boulder over a period of 2.5 years b/t 2000-2002

Training as a massage therapist i received in Boulder , CO , graduating in 1995  at BSMT. I also taught the  integrative  modality at that school for 1.5 yrs b/t 2000/1 .

For the Manual Lymph Drainage , i received the full 4 week training with the Vodder Institute. However, i do not provide the complete medical treatment [which includes bandaging] but only offer the manual sequences that cleanse and flush the system.

Additionally, i have a 4 year degree as a dance/movement therapist that i completed in my native country, Germany, in 1988.
Dance / movement therapy is a body-oriented form of psychotherapy . .

Part of my movement training has been in martial arts  and , as another great teacher and teaching , contact improvisation , a dance that was pioneered in the 70/80ties in a melding of martial arts and dance /gymnastics