Earth/Art/Heart Offerings



We cannot solve our problems with the same mindsets that created them ...
(paraphrased Einstein)
"We are here to serve you, because we love you, and what we desire for all of you ,
for every human, is merely that all come home to who you truly are...
It is only you who have forgotten. In the unseen realities there are millions, myriads of 
beings who have not forgotten who you are - who are waiting, indeed, for that which be 
third density humanity to come into the realms of 'no separation'. That you may have the
 knowing of your own God-hood and in that knowing, still experience in 
physical reality, although it will be a different reality, because it will be of higher
vibratory frequency, 
where every atom and molecule gives forth the light of its being."
Q:" Is fear a true feeling or is it the absence of feeling ?"
P'Taah : This is a very good question. Fear is polarity... humanity is truly sovereign. Free dominion. Free-dom.
 Always, there is choice. You choose which polarity, fear or love.
When you are in the grip of fear, you may catch yourself and you can ask :
 'Which do i truly want ?'
Very often, upon examination, you will find that fear is rooted 
in your belief about yourself and about reality as you perceive it.
When you change the belief structure and change the belief about who you are, there is no fear.

However, let us not forget, dear ones, that fear is valid, it is an aspect of who you are.
It is transmutable, like everything that is not love. But you do not transmute it or anything else by 
trying to suppress it, push it away, trying to ignore it or by pretending it's not there...
because that is to invalidate it.
What you invalidate, you empower:
Thoughts are power. They are electro-magnetic energy.
Always, always, it is for you to examine what you believe...
Q: "How does one leave judgment behind , since fear arises out of judgment ?"
P'Taah: Let us not confuse judgment with discernment. 
Judgment is when you say: this is right and that is wrong, this is good and that is bad.
In truth, there is no good or bad, there just IS. 
Discernment is when you say; 'this is one form and this is another and 
this is my choice' ...
Q:" Could you explain a little more about feeling the feeling?
P'Taah: When you are in joy - that is feeling.
 Pain is not feeling, it is resistance to feeling.
Pain is created by judgment.
To align the judgment is merely to acknowledge and accept, to surrender into who you are 
( = Divine Being and everything around is a mirror)
 and that automatically creates alignment...
Pain is created by judgment, but you judge judgment , let alone everything else.
While you are in judgment, there will be pain. 
To release the pain, it is necessary to nullify the judgment (of the situation that 
brings it forth), to accept responsibility for what you co-created, to bless everyone 
involved in the co-creation and to understand that they created it for their own
learning... as long as you do not understand yourself as co-creator, 
the situation will repeat itself because you are still in judgment.
It is NOT about Karma, it is about understanding the Pearl of Wisdom at
the center of EACH co-creation.


I was reminded, recently, of the native American story of the 2 wolves within,
one constructive, the other destructive, representing the apparently archetypal 
forces of creativity and destruction... 
We all, on some level, have those 2 forces in us and for any creative process, 
both have to be present... After all, to create something it often has to be taken
apart first. The Hindus have another archetypal force they acknowledge : that of Vishnu,
the sustainer.
When we are out of balance ( for whatever reason), those energies within are also 
un-balanced. Not in vain are there so many juicy movies/ comedy acts etc. that 
pleasurably explore the S&M qualities of human inner life. We have made a rather
twisted morality act out of it, as well. Because, whether we do or don't : put ourselves 
up or down, we just cannot seem to win against this persistent voice perpetuated
by society, the church, our family/ "friend" circles , the media.
In general, we have not learned to become our own best friends. And with best friends,
 i mean the quality in us that is both compassionate and honest enough to 
actually be able to bring us to the next level. The level where we aren't in denial 
any longer, the level where we don't have to compensate or hide 
from any either 'wonderful' or 'terrible' quality we might harbor within.
I recommend the movie "The Wife" to make a point about what compromises 
we sometimes have to make in an un-balanced world to be able to even be
heard... (the irony being that in the special features section on the dvd, 
they announced an interview with the author as well as the star of that movie.
Lo and behold, the author did not get any space for reflection. And so it goes on).
What is within us is also reflected outside of us.
Unlike some, I take that to mean the world per se, not just our private section 
of it. What are we going to do about it ? 
Well, the question really comes back to: what are we individually doing?
Becoming aware is THE challenge for us, nowadays, as much as it 
has always been. 
We cannot solve the problems with the same mindset that created them.








" ... you cannot escape the fact that all matters of belief are a matter of opinion ...
In Zen, there is no duality created between the higher self and the lower self, because
if you believe in a higher self, it is a mere trick of the lower ...
If you think that you have an ego and then you fight against it, 
nothing strengthens the illusion that it exists more than that...
So this tremendous schizophrenia in human beings, thinking that they are rider and horse; 
soul in command of the body, will in command of emotions, wrestling with them, all that kind of thinking simply aggravates the problem...
And so we have all kinds of people engaged in an interior conflict that will never, never
resolve, because :
The true Self - either you know it or you don't.
If you do know it, then you know it's the only one & the other, the lower self , seizes to be
a problem. It becomes something of a mirage & you don't go around hitting at 
mirages with a stick or try to put reigns on them.
You just know they are mirages & walk straight through them ... "

Alan Watts in " World as Consciousness" 



Carpe Diem   

the day lightly
for it is 
you're after


Growing older 
is not about striving more or 
knowing better. It's not about
keeping up with the Joneses,
becoming more rigid or
lording it over the rest of the world.

Growing older is not about becoming
 more fearful of dying 
or counting moral mis-steps.
Nor is it about living safely and
becoming smaller and smaller.

Growing older is about
getting braver, trusting more,
learning to love life more deeply 
in all it's forms, not counting the days.

Growing older is about becoming more 
playful, breathing around fear and judgment,
within and without.

Growing older is about becoming
more honest, more vulnerable
more patient, more humorous,
more grateful 
without being sanctimonious.

Growing older is about becoming
 curious and listening,
recognizing one's self in 
the other, becoming more compassionate.
Growing older is about widening the view,
becoming lighter...

and is an on-going event.




with those wild dreams,
feeling the body become alive
with ancient wisdom;
collecting bones, spreading them.

Walking through the meadows,
not frightened about
mankinds curse
but rather: enjoying it.

Flowers will grow
long after
the bonerattler danced,
long after
my life spread into the clouds,
long after.

Quietly they will sing, joyously.




... basically means relaxing into
who one really is ...


sweet love comes 
pouring through,
beholding the beauty
in every curve and shape
and shade of color
that feels too
great to wrap in words;
when sweet love
remembers itself 
in your heart
as the softness
of touch, the
light through trees,
clouds kissing the mountain
and rain the ground
as much as 
a feather and 
night, then love 
will know you 
as a vessel : 
lost to yourself
and found.