Massage & Cranio-Sacral therapies 

and a brief summary on shamanic work


" Whatever we see in others that we cannot own within is something for us 

to own and bring into the light of our compassionate awareness "


 fees for sessions

 Special Offer for 1st time clients : $ 5 off for first session

                             regular               cranio-sacral                 

1 hr                        $ 55                         $ 45                                    

1.5                         $ 85                        $  60                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Hot Rocks are included without charge in a 90 minute massage , otherwise they can be added for an additional  $10
Seniors will receive a $ 5 discount if requested ( not valid with other discounts)

payments in cash or by check only . payments are expected after each session.   


Housecalls are an additional $ 25 with each session, if you live within a 15 mile radius...
If you live beyond that, i charge an additional $ 10

 Cancellation policy : accepted w/ at least 24 hr. notice , otherwise 1/2 fee . If you make another appointment
within same week, only add $ 10 as cancellation fee to regular fee. If you have an emergency, fees will be waived .
This also depends on prior experience w/ clients' reliability .

Cancellations are only accepted by phone !
are available with prior notice and must be redeemed within 12 weeks of date on GC .
( ie birthday of recipient) . If not redeemed , the GC will automatically fall back to the purchaser for another month.
Should there be more than one session payed for , the time will extend  1 month for each session.   
if the recipient cancels the first appointment ( w/24hr notice) , a second time will be given . if that is cancelled
or a no-show , there will be no further times given and the payment considered compensation for time lost .
NO SHOWS FOR GC'S will not get any further credit and payment will be compensation for time lost.            


Description of services offered

 Integrative therapeutic massage

 incorporating deep tissue, Swedish, Sports, NST, Energy, Hot Stone ( seasonal)

 Pre- and Postnatal

The massage work i provide usually is called "integrative" , because of  it's client-centered
approach,  the long connecting strokes and the work with breath and body-mind awareness .
Overall, i have a nurturing yet penetrating style that intends to slow down the nervous system and , with that , allowing the body-mind to become more fluid.
The word "client-centered" basically means that i try to meet each individual in a way that brings balance and awareness to their current situation .

I have a very ecclectic training and self-healing background that has to do with an awareness of how the different layers of our being are connected and  thus manifest within our tissues .
Working with breath, deep and/or light tissue strokes, movement, cranio-sacral elements and somatic awareness  allows for a deeper sense of connecting and release in the client.  

The intention of slowing down the nervous system and broaden the focus to the whole , rather than the particular,  helps to integrate areas of stagnation or disconnection that are often therefore experienced as painful.

Sometimes i give suggestions for changes in movement, thought patterns and/or life-style, but i always respect a clients need for boundaries in that way.
I work as an advocate for balancing ... bodymindspirit ... but also with the philosophy of "less is more"   and

                     with the knowing of our inner healer/guide being the true expert

As always , holding the space for change to occur involves an openness from both client and practitioner.



cranio-sacral work

Cranio-Sacral work is taught in various ways. The training i received was an in-depth training of 10 full weeks over 2.5 years ( as opposed to 2 to 3 weekends that many practitioners receive) and is a form of very light holding and tracking of energy, interspersed with very mindfull verbal suggestions/ check-ins
to help and enhance the tracking.

This tracking of  energy includes  what are called "tides" , which relate to the different speeds of brainwaves .
A tide can be defined as a subtle, wavelike form of energy that underlies our living system and sustains and feeds it.
There is usually a period of education between practitioner and client, as the tracking is often done on both sides and a client will become more know -l/edge -able over time as to his/her own rhythm as the system clears itself of core holdings ...
In a session, the practitioner holds space for the client's system to resource and un-wind. the work is done from a place of "witnessing" : both client and practitioner witness the intelligence of the living system as it wants to/ can unwind.
This is done through inviting the system to come to a " stillpoint", a deeper meditative place that re-sources the being. from this place, core-holdings , also called " shapes" often present themselves. then it becomes a renegotiation of an "edge" : the more quiet we become, the more we  may become aware of any "rubbing" / speeding in the tissues
So, working with slowing down around the patterns of holding would need the client to be able and willing to drop to a quieter place while staying present.

It is quite a remarkable teaching in our times to be able to be present from a place of slowing and expansion. therefore, this work is often compared with learning how to meditate, only that it has a very clear focus around staying with energy or what is sometimes called "felt-sense" .
another part of the learning is around an awareness of changing the language around what we notice. this is a very large part of a healing/release process ; as language is often part of a sometimes quite unconscious pathologizing of our holding...

In my experience, this work can bring a true unwinding of core holdings, but it is not a "quick fix ". because of it's non-invasive application and focus on holding the underlying health and ability of a system to recover, this work is often used in cases where trauma is involved.

This work is best for those individuals who have at least started on a path of de-toxing the physical body...


what is shamanic work ?
shamanic work defines a large spectrum of work and often, people specialize in certain areas .  the most general definition of shamanism is the understanding that all is connected within the Sacred Web , that everything is animated (  soulfilled ) and that there is no real distinction b/t the Unseen and the Seen , by which is meant the different layers of realities/worlds .
As part of this understanding , the shamanic practitioner endeavors to be/become non-judgmental and " amoral " ( according to Alberto Villoldo:)) . by which is meant to be above ( beside/ underneath) any kind of conditioned response to a Happening .
 That Happening, in many cases , is something which people call " dis-ease " , because somehow it makes them un-easy . In shamanic view , all is part of the dreaming of the Soul wishing to make ItSelf heard ....
many  healing disciplines have caught on to this , but often not to the extent that shamanic view invites . The ceremonies and rituals in shamanic work -- the cleansings , prayer , invocations, beautiful offerings etc -- really have to do with acknowledging and inviting in the God/ Goddess - SELF :  the Source we all spring from and that moves through All That Is .
When we suspend knowledge , we cannot truly be dogmatic ; there is no one way to do things and all is quite malleable, even in the physical plane . In that understanding , shamanic work becomes an " in the moment " healing creation .
One of the first things to understand is that we are all co-creators of our state of being , like it or not .
In my experience , the best way of learning about something is to open the language around it , to become a warm = compassionate , yet somehow detached witness of What Is . That is often part of the recovery of Soul ...
With shamanic work, it very much depends on the state of mind/heart of the seeker -- the one that wishes to fill a hole within the self . Often, we listen to that hole only when something has come very much into im-balance . Soul recovery requires openess, first and foremost, listening , suspending any kind of expectation of what IT would look like -- when we have a certain expectation, we exclude a million other possibilities -- patience, surrender , humor and hanging in there .
In my experience , the rituals and ceremonies that are offered/ suggested and actually DONE by the seeker open the heart and help us to let go of our shame. They also open a pathway to healing and the Unseen . Communication with the Unseen happens in every moment -- we just often don't listen . If you approach me about doing shamanic work, we can start from any place . to me, a massage , a cranial session, is no less part of the work than anything else . I like best working with people who , for one reason or another , are ready to be open and receptive :
I am not the one doing things to you , i am one who does things WITH you . That always requires co-operation ...