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massage, energy work, group work,

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   Maya Haase -   Healing Arts since 1988 
now in the North Fork Valley

" Whichever way you co-create, there will be wondrous lessons to be 
embraced. That is how you grow - that is how you learn.
And indeed, it may be as harmonious or as discordant as you choose it (collectively). 
What is "discordant" is what is not in line with universal energy.
... the fears that you do not embrace will keep presenting themselves -
whatever you do or not. Once you have aligned and transmuted your day to day
fears ( ie, of survival , not being enough, not being "in control" etc), they will
not need to be presented again because you have understood the 
Pearl of Wisdom at the center of the co-creation..."

( from: An Act of Faith, channelled by Jani King)


On learning :
" Some people will never learn anything, for this reason :
because they understand everything 
too soon."

Alexander Pope